Finance Committee
Lynn Herron, Treasurer

Audit Committee
Tommy Thompson, Chairman

Standing Committees
250th Anniversary Committee
John Fulwider, Chairman

LaFayette Tour Committee
Bryant Boswell, Chairman

Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

Youth Recognition Committees

These committees are dedicated

to helping to run our State Society. These include:

By-Law Committee
VACANT, Chairman

Nominating Committee
Gerry Brent, Chairman

Medals and Awards Committee
Bob Cox, Chairman

Newsletter Committee
VACANT, Chairman

Chapter Training Committee
Jerry LIlly, N. District
Chad Coutch, C. District
Keith Goodfellow, S. District

Membership Committee

Tommy Thompson, Chairman

Long Range Planning Committee
VACANT, Chairman
Public Relations Committees
Specific Committees

These Committees have roles that do not fit into the other three categories.

These include:

These Committees work to better the Society relations with the Public. These Include:

Flag Committee
Erik Norman, Chairman

Veterans Committee
Stephen Haller, Chairman

History Teacher Award Committee
Andy Jones, Chairman

Website Committee
Ron Humphrey, Chairman, Webmaster

Media Outreach Committee
VACANT, Chairman

DAR/CAR Liaison Committee
Tommy Thompson, Chairman

Education Outreach Committee
Jak Smith, Chairman

Color Guard
Bryant Boswell, Commander

Administrative Committees
Patriot Index Committee
Ron Humphrey, Chairman

Patriot Grave Committee
John Taylor, Chairman
Presidential Appointments

Graphic Design Support Group

Charles Garrison, Chairman

These committees run our State Society Youth Programs. These include:

Rumbaugh Oration Committee
Tim Moore, Chairman

Knight Essay Committee
Edward Campbell, Chairman

Elementary Poster Committee
John McBride, Chairman

Eagle Scout Committee
Mike Tischer, Chairman

ROTC Committee
Andy Jones, Chairman