Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

250th Anniversary of the American Revolution Sestercentennial Commemoration

The Mission of the Sestercentennial Committee

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has challenged every SAR State Society and Chapter to recognize those events that led to the American Revolution, as well as those events which occurred during the Revolution. Each SAR State Society and Chapter will hold public venues to educate, recognize, honor, and celebrate the events and heroes of the period surrounding the American Revolution. These events will be significant events related directly to acts of resistance to British attempts to coerce the residents in America from the first Parliamentary Acts, through the armed struggle, until the Treaty of Paris.

Mississippi State SAR Society Supports Senate Bill to Create State America250 Commission

     Thanks to the America250 Foundation, Governor Reeves and First Lady Elee, Senators Chassaniol and Fillingane, and the Mississippi Society Sons of the American Revolution, Senate Bill 2873 was introduced to establish an official organization in Mississippi to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the United States.

     The United States Semiquincentennial Commission was formed by Congress to lead the nationwide commemoration of this historic milestone. The America250 Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, serves as the operational arm of the Commission. The Commission and Foundation envision the America250 commemoration as a monumental, multiyear initiative engaging all Americans in what is expected to be the largest and most inclusive observance in our nation's history.

     Starting now and running into 2027, this nonpartisan initiative will celebrate the full scope of American history, from the pre-revolutionary era to today, engaging states, territories, tribal nations and organizations and communities across the country—all culminating in the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2026.

     State involvement is a top priority of the Commission and Foundation. They will work in full partnership with each state's official America250 organization to support and promote state- and community-led program activities. The proposed Mississippi America250 Commission will highlight Mississippi's unique stories and contributions to American history through special events, public art displays, museum exhibitions, and educational curriculums.

     Since April 2021, the Mississippi State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has been actively engaged with its National Society and the Foundation in this legislation. The Societies proudly support and endorse the creation of a Mississippi America250 Commission, and will provide technical assistance when available and needed for the duration of the program. 

            1st to inform the chapter officers and compatriots of the program, its mission and the recognitions awarded by information submitted to the state committee.

            2nd to distribute the forms to the officers of the chapters, with an explanation on how to fill them out, and where to return them. Committee members will receive the filled-out forms and forward them to the 250th Committee Chairman for final disposition.

            3rd to verify the information submitted on the official forms and then endorse the appropriate award, medal, streamer or coin. Final approval for awarding the correct level of award rest with the Excomm.

            4th MS SAR Secretary or Committee Chairman will send the information to NSSAR 250th Committee, and then await their authorization letter to be sent to SAR merchandising.

            5th SAR Merchandising will send an e-mail authorizing the chapter or compatriot to purchase the appropriate award.