Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

NSSAR Chancellor General

For our Society to prosper, our members need to be actively engaged at the chapter and state level. There are those that strive to help not only our chapter and state societies thrive, but they also work at the National level. The following individuals have given their time and effort to help the Society of Sons of the American Revolution to thrive as a whole.


Tullius Brady

Dr. Dexter C. Nettles, M.D.

(1944-1946) Percy Clifton
(1958-1960) Horace Yeargin Kitchell
(1951-1953) Cyril Edward Cain
(1968-1970) Donald B . Fraser
(1976-1977) Singleton L. Johnson, Jr.
(1984-1985) Dr. Franklin P. McCann             
(1985)           James G. Harrison              
(1988-1989) Hon. Willard L. Mcllwain            
(1992-1993) Thomas L. Wallis               
(1996-1997) Martin W. McKinnon, II         
(2000-2001) Walter Buchanan Meek Sr.
(2004-2005) Dr. Andrew Melvin Jones      
(2008-2009) Dr. Andrew Melvin Jones      
(2012-2013) John Raymond Taylor Jr.      
(2016-2017) CDR Gerald Page Brent      
(2021 - present) Michael P. Schenk         


NSSAR P Genealogist General

Past National Offices held by Members of the
Mississippi Society Sons of the American Revolution


NSSAR President General

Horace Y. Ketchell

NSSAR Surgeon General

Horace Y. Ketchell


Vice-President General

Southern District


Paul Howard Walker