Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

Patriot Medal

the state society’s highest award and can be received only once.

Ike Edwards’ medal was re-issued as the year 2021 medal.

Silver Roger Sherman Medal

in Recognition of Significant Service to the SAR

Keith Goodfellow        John McBride    Ron Humphrey

State Meritorious Service Medal

for long, faithful, and meritorious service to the MSSAR is a onetime award.

Tommy Thompson for service to chapter and state society, his advisory role to the state president, and brave example in his struggle for survival during the epidemic.

Lafayette Volunteer Service Award

for 40 hours of Volunteer work at NSSAR headquarters or as assigned by approving authority.

Charles Garrison for 47 hours of volunteer work on the Patriot Research System.

Lafayette Volunteer Service Award

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

for 40 hours of Volunteer work at NSSAR headquarters or as assigned by approving authority.

Ron Humphrey for 90 hours of volunteer work on the Patriot Research System.

Silver Roger Sherman Medal

Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster

Jerry Lilly 

2021 MS SAR

Annual Business Meeting & Convention

Saturday, March 13, 2021

State Meritorious Service Medal Oak Leaf

Mike Schenk    Charles Garrison   Lynn Herron

Bronze Good Citizenship Medal

Tony Dardeaux  ----for service to genealogy and state history

Chad Coutch  --------for his service to his education of the next generation

Mike Tischer -------- for his service to youth through Scouts

 Jerry Molaison ​ --  for his service to education of the next generation and to youth sports

Stephen Haller  --    for community outreach to veterans and other lineage societies

Keith Goodfellow -- for community service to medicine and his fellow practitioners.

Military Service Medal

(approved by the

NSSAR Veterans Recognition Committee)

Ron Humphrey -for Honorable service in the U.S. Navy

State Distinguished Service Medal

approved by the state president at his discretion.

It is a onetime award:

Ben Jones for service to state president, advisory to his chapter, chair Constitution and Bylaws Committee and Long-Range Planning Committee, for executing the Executive Committee Meeting under strict COVID standards, and using his media and government knowledge for MS SAR.

War Service Medal for Vietnam

approved by NSSAR for proof of Service in War against a Common Enemy

Bob Cox --for service in the U.S. Marine Corps 

SAR Medal of Appreciation

Darla Goodfellow