(If there are multiple compatriots, read this for each one.)

1. To have spiritual contentment.
2. To live without malice.
3. To weep over your sins.
4. To humble yourself at insults.
5. To love justice.
6. To be merciful.
7. To be sincere and open hearted.
8.  To suffer persecution.
There are eight points of the Maltese Cross. The eight points that you see in this are signs of the eight beatitudes that you must always have within you, and they are:
Compatriot ____________________________________________________________,

Do you, as a Descendant of one of the Patriots and Heroes of the American Revolution, reaffirm your ancestor’s faith in the principles of Liberty and our constitutional Republic?

(await response)

And, will you pledge to support The National Society, Sons of the American Revolution?

(await response)

I now take great pleasure in presenting your Membership Certificate.

Compatriot _________________ Sponsored you into the Society. I would like to ask that he come forward and place the SAR Rosette in the Lapel of your coat.

This Rosette is the official Recognition Emblem of the Sons of the American Revolution. Its blue and buf colors represent he colors in the uniform worn by General George Washington. Wear it proudly.

I would like to ask compatriot ___________________________ to come forward and place the pin of the MSSSAR on your lapel.

Compatriot ____________________________________________________________,
We welcome you to the ________________________Chapter. WE ask that you work with us to fulfill the purposes and objectives of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Will all members please come forward and welcome our new Compatriot into the Chapter?

Ask Inductee(s) to come to the front.

There are four limbs of the cross. The limbs remind us of the four cardinal virtues. The first virtue is prudence, learned by studying the past in order to regulate the present and plan for the future. The second virtue is justice, underscored by integrity of life. The third virtue is temperance or moderation in all of our actions. The fourth virtue is fortitude, with magnanimity and courage to serve God.
Lastly, our medal has the bust of George Washington at the intersection of the two bars of the cross. This reminds us of our great leader at the time of the American Revolution. Surrounding his bust are the words of libertas and patria reminding us of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution entitles you to wear the medal of the SAR.

I now take great pride in describing the symbolism behind the Cross of Malta. The Cross is composed of a horizontal and vertical bar. The horizontal bar represents the greatest and first commandment, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” The vertical Bar represents the second commandment, “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
SAR Induction Ceremony for New Members

Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution