Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

To lay plans for the MS SAR celebration of the 250th Anniversary of America (2026) and more broadly the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution (2025-2033).
To create a Patriot Data Base, coordinated thru the NSSAR, on MS Society Member’s patriotic ancestors.  This important index will be beneficial to MS SAR Genealogists assisting with new applications and to members in search of supplemental patriot ancestors.
These Groups are appointed by the Current President to fill roles that are not otherwise accounted for in Committees.
Those Standing Committees which deal directly with Society membership.

Finance Committee

Presidential Appointment Groups

Audit Committee

To coordinate an organized search for patriot graves in the State of Mississippi.
To coordinate with the MS SAR Color Guard in the marking of all patriot graves
in the State whether connected to in-state or out-of-state requests.
Those Specific Committees that deal with Patriot Lineage and Grave Location.
To lay plans for the commemoration of the visit to Mississippi by the Marquis de LaFayette (2025) with possible coordination with other Southern District Societies.

Patriot Graves Committee

Graphic Design Support Group

The Lafayette Tour Committee


Anniversary Committees


25Oth Anniversary Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is to review and make recommendations to the Long Range Planning Committee concerning the income and expenses of the Annual Meeting.
Those Specific Committees that are created to deal with Historical Anniversary Celebrations.

Patriot Research Committees

The role of the Finance Committee is to assist the MS SAR Treasurer in matters concerning the finances of the Society. And, to prepare necessary filings for the Internal Revenue Service.

SPECIFIC COMMITTEES are those committees that are used sparingly or temporary in nature.
The Specific Committees fall under three categories:

Patriot Index Committee

Will consult and assist with the Design and Layout for Print Media, such as certificate templates and newsletter criteria. Also, to include design of other items that may be used to promote the Society.