Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

     The Chapter Medal of Distinguished Service, authorized in 2013, is the highest Medal that can be awarded by a Chapter President during each year of his term of office.

     The incumbent Chapter President may present one medal during his term (or each year of his term if elected to a multiyear term) at the Chapter’s Annual Meeting, to a Compatriot in recognition for that Compatriot's conspicuous service to the Chapter during the president's administration. The Chapter President presents this Medal at his discretion; no other approval is required.

      A Compatriot may receive this medal only once. Oak leaf clusters or other ribbon attachments are not authorized.

Retroactive Effectiveness: Former chapter presidents who have not made a presentation of this award would be eligible to present the medal to a compatriot upon the presentation of a letter to the incumbent Chapter President describing the assistance provided by the member.

MS  SAR   State  Awards   and   Medals

    The Bronze Color Guard Medal is for service at the State and/or Chapter levels. Each medal is awarded for at least three years of service at the applicable level. The three years may be broken, not continuous. Award of each medal may be for retroactive service, so that any living compatriot may receive it, even if he cannot march anymore.

     A Compatriot may receive this medal only once. Oak leaf clusters or other ribbon attachments are not authorized.

     The Bronze Roger Sherman Medal may be awarded to a compatriot in recognition of, and in appreciation of, outstanding services rendered to a Chapter. The medal is presented to a compatriot for significant service which lacks the requirements for the Meritorious Service Medal. It should be awarded in place of the Bronze and Silver Good Citizenship Medals, which cannot be awarded for service to the SAR. The recipient must have served as an active officer for a minimum of two years, as an active committee chairman for three years, or as an active member of a committee for four years.

 Special Note: A Compatriot may receive this medal multiple times. A bronze oak leaf cluster may be awarded for an additional two years of active service as an officer, chairman or committeeman. The service is counted cumulatively rather than consecutively, and may not be added concurrently for multiple offices, committee chairmanships, or committee memberships. Presentation and wear of oak leaf clusters shall follow NSSAR policy

Qualifications: Mississippi uses the Events System
     To earn an SAR Bronze Color Guard Medal, a Color Guardsman must participate in at least 50% of the scheduled Color Guard activities for his State and/or Chapter in each of three years, which do not need to be continuous. A year shall be any period of twelve consecutive months.

     The Chapter Meritorious Service Medal may be awarded to SAR members who have rendered long, faithful, and meritorious service to their chapter. The meritorious service rendered should be stated in the citation.

     A Compatriot may receive this medal only once from a chapter.

 Special Note: The medal is the same medal used for the National Meritorious Service Medal. Although a member may receive the award multiple times from the National Society, and once from each of a district, a state society or a chapter, only one Meritorious Service Medal is worn. Once a member has received the Meritorious Service Medal, subsequent awards by additional conferring authorities are represented by oak leaf clusters (regardless of the conferring authority).

     The Bronze Outstanding Young Member Medal is awarded to a member of the Chapter who is 40 years old or younger. The recipient shall have exhibited continued, exemplary service to the Society at the Chapter level, especially focused on leadership and service to youth and younger members.

     A Compatriot may receive this medal only once. Oak leaf clusters or other ribbon attachments are not authorized.

 Approval Requirements: The Chapter President shall approve the award of the medal. Nominations for the award shall be made by the Chapter. All nominations should be submitted on the standard Outstanding Young Members Medal application form. The recommending authority should carefully read the form and follow the instructions relative to the type of supporting documentation needed.