Mississippi Society, Sons of the American Revolution

07 Oct 2021

Members include: 
John Price (Gen. Kosciuszko), Erik Norman, Mike Tischer, John Taylor, John McBride, Bryant Boswell (CG Commander)
Memorial Day Service 
Blocker Cemetery
Olive Branch, MS
Welcome to the
MS SAR Color Guard
31 May 2021
Members include Bill Horne, Randy Hailey, Gerry Brent, & Tommy Thompson

Our Color Guard is made up of MS SAR Compatriots that are Properly uniformed as either Continental Soldiers, Miltia-men, or as Revolutionary-era Clergy.

Here are past events the MS SAR Colorguard have attended.

Patriot Grave Markings
Tylertown, MS

At request of MSsDAR and Daughters of War of 1812