AN EDUCATIONAL ALLIANCE

Purpose: To create and implement Living History educational programs in American History to Mississippi students, K – 12.

Goal: To leave all students with the knowledge that they are citizens of the first and most exceptional democratic republic on earth, created by an idea called liberty. And, that they will have the freedom to build a rewarding life of their choice if that liberty is sustained.


1. Bring History to local schools, covering the 40 year Period of Independence, 1776 – 1815.

2. Bring History alive through outdoor and classroom instruction

3. Create a Color Guard of both Revolutionary and War of 1812 soldiers for public display.

4. Perpetuate to the next generation, through the people and events surrounding the Wars of Independence, a sense of patriotism, love of country, principles of the founding fathers, and their civil obligations to sustain their freedom.

In carrying out this Mission, the MSSSAR and MS Society of 1812 with the help of other Mississippi Lineage Societies will:

1. Educate all students irrespective of race, religion, and creed.

2. Include America’s Colonial Period (1607 – 1775), and America’s Slavery and Indian Removal Period (1816 – 1860) to bring our 40 year Period of Independence (1776 – 1815) into perspective.

The Sons of Independence is a 501c3 nonprofit organization