Dr. John F. Fulwider

Welcome to the Mississippi State Society Sons of the American Revolution (MSSSAR) Web Site. Thank you for coming here and researching our information. Here in Mississippi we are known as the Hospitality State, and you will not be disappointed in contacting us, joining our society and participating in or attending our many events and occasions where we honor our ancestors, recognize our community leaders and support our veterans and youth activities. Our Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) chapters are ready to help you prepare your application, and establish your lineage to the soldiers and supporters of the American Revolution. From this site you can access and download an application, or contact Compatriots who will guide and assist you in applying or researching your ancestors. Native Americans, Foreign Nationals and every ethnicity are represented in the membership of the SAR.

  If you are already a member of SAR, or just starting your wonderful journey to join SAR I extend my warmest greetings and pray that all goes well as we venture through each year. Our forefather’s sacrifices have ensured our freedom thus far, and it is my hope as president that we not only honor those that fought for our country, but continue to guarantee that their legacies are upheld by the work which our organization values so dearly.

   As the Sons of the American Revolution, we have been entrusted with furthering our forefather’s dreams so that those that may follow have the opportunities and
freedoms that constitute the American way of life. As individuals we are united in our passion for history, but united, we are the manifestation of history in the making. Together; and only together, we serve as the lifeblood which flows through a united body comprised of individual SAR Chapters bound by this singular purpose. No single group has ever been better equipped to be the last line of defense against the ever-encroaching day when our nation loses sight of its future because we have forgotten our heritage. As the blood of my ancestors flows throughout my veins, so too their calling to unify my compatriots. By utilizing the tools at our disposal, we can increase communication from chapter to chapter and become the unstoppable force that our organization was meant to be. My wife Pam and I are excited at what the future has in store for our many chapters across Mississippi, and we invite you to visit any chapter personally to meet with those that share our passions.

  Though planning for the March 2020 State Convention has just begun, it is already clear that an army of volunteers, men and women will be needed to bring this larger than life event to fruition. What better place would there be to look for an army than from the Sons of the American Revolution though? If you would like to be a part of the 111th SAR Convention, Friday March 27, and Saturday March 28, 2020 please contact any state officer listed on this web site and let them know. You can also email me at DRJFF@AOL.COM and I will enthusiastically welcome you. You do not have to be a member of SAR to volunteer. The Mississippi SAR is
proud to have a Statewide Ladies Auxiliary that supports our Mississippi SAR. The Ladies Auxiliary has DAR and non-DAR members who actively promote education of our youth, and all other missions of the SAR.

  The SAR leadership at the Chapter level and State level have all taken on responsibilities to promote the SAR mission.

  It is my hope that those who have sworn oaths of leadership to their chapters will join me in planning a future in which we can all be proud to take part in. As fellow leaders, I know that we will make our years in SAR the best yet by encouraging the interests of our members and inviting others to share in our vision. I say let no good deed go unnoticed, and I would like to recognize those that go above and beyond to make possible what we strive to accomplish. Those members which exemplify what we stand for will be recognized on our website and in our newsletter, The Mississippi Compatriot. The newsletter will also be an invaluable tool to connect members and non-members alike to all SAR chapters and highlight those that lead by example. Seeing these motivated men and women in action is a great way to not only motivate us, but give our group more representation to those in the public that might not be aware of the many things SAR stands for. I ask anyone of you to submit photos, names and stories so that this newsletter will truly be inclusive of our state’s chapters. You do not have to be a SAR member to submit photos or articles for publication.

  Although other organizations in our communities have different causes, it has been incredibly helpful to gain their insight on successful ways to be effective in our own efforts. Banding together has resulted in nonmembers such as, caregivers, teachers, law enforcement, firefighters, veterans, and others to finally be able to be recognized by all in their hometowns. Partnering with such groups as Scouting, ROTC, and the boys and girls clubs across America, SAR has been able to make a significant difference in awareness as well as in the form of scholarships and grants. The Mississippi SAR is supporting Dr. Bryant Boswell in the establishment of “The Sons of Independence” who will be increasingly active in 2019 forward to educate the youth on the history of our many fights to not only gain our freedoms, but to keep the freedoms we fought for and earned through the blood of our forefathers and supporters, Native Americans and Foreign alike.

  Many school curriculums have downplayed the importance of teaching the history of the American Revolution in an attempt to meet the needs of our quickly growing society and time constraints within the classroom. Although the founding of our country was over two centuries ago, the ideals upon which it was created remain steadfast as ever. I believe that the programs at our disposal such as the Patriot Chest and the Poster Contests are vital commodities that remind teachers their communities have not forsaken them as it so often seems. Hand in hand with teachers, we can remind our youth that the best confidence to face the future comes from a firm knowledge of where we’ve been.

Yours in Service
Dr. John Fulwider
Mississippi SAR