Ladies Aux Photo and Names

left to right
Kathy Henry
Carol Irving
Ann Godwin
Abigail Alexander
Sarah Boswell
Pam Fulwider
Constance Hamilton
Anita Hite
Dorothy Herron
Hellen Polk
Laura Schenk
Faith West
Jane Winston

Samuel Peden Grave Marking


110th convention pictures.

The lady in white at the podium is Cheryl Sparkman of the Kemper County Historical Association who gave the Welcome and opening Statements.
The lady in the striped shirt at the podium is Ruby Smith, a direct descendant of Samuel Peden.
The lady with the tartan sash is Caroline Sherman who gave the Invocation; she is the Past President of the Peden Reunion in SC and a grand niece of Samuel Peden.
The male speaker is, Mark Paden, Historian of the Peden Reunion in SC and a 5th grand nephew of Samuel Peden.