These are our MSSSAR  GWEF fellows Todate from L to R

  People who donate $1000.00 to the endowment fund are known as GW fellows and are entitled to wear the small gold lapel pin bearing the bust of George Washington. This can be done with a single donation or paid out at the rate of $200.00 per year for five years. Once someone is a fellow he or she will never be asked to donate again and membership is not restricted to a compatriot but also open to wives and children. In fact anyone who would like to make a $1000.00 donation may become a fellow.  Your donation is never spent, only the interest and dividends that it earns are used. When you donate you are truly leaving “a patriotic legacy for life.”

  The GWEF also provides funding for projects that often go unnoticed. The endowment provided $5,000 toward the cost of the base for the Minute Man Statute located in front of our National Headquarters in Louisville, while annually providing funds for some of the events at Congress such as the printing of the Public Service Awards booklet which is distributed at the Tuesday night banquet and the cost of the Sunday morning Orations Contestant breakfast. 

   Many MSSSAR members remember those days and provided money out of their own pocket to cover costs associated with the mission of the national committee. In 1993 the national trustees approved the establishment of the George Washington Endowment Fund (GWEF) with a charter to provide financial support to unfunded and underfunded national committees and special projects with the earnings of the endowment fund being distributed to appropriate committees and projects.

  With the advancements in communications technology such as e-mail, file share, texting many of the original needs for funding have gone away. While supporting the unfunded and underfunded committees remains the primary focus of the GWEF, the endowment has been able to expand its scope of help to support outreach education and, when possible, unique projects sponsored by state societies.

MAX HIPP-Daniel McKie Chapter President
JAK SMITH ESQ-2nd VP MS SAR, William Gray Chapter
DR. FULWIDER- MS SAR President- William Gray Chapter
BOBBY JO SEALES-National SAR Chairman GWEF- Southern District Vice President General Elect.
CONNIE LILLY- Wife of Admiral Thomas G. Lilly, Daniel McKie Chapter
George Washington Fellows

  Very often one hears the question, "What is that gold lapel pin you are wearing?" or "What is the purpose of the GWEF"? To answer these and similar types of queries one has to look back several years into the history of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Prior to 1993 the National SAR committees had no means of covering the costs related to the work of the committee such as printing, mailing, etc. It often fell to the committee chairman to foot the bill for things as postage/printing or a "hat was passed" at a meeting to raise funds for the particular project.

  Eighty percent of the income (defined as dividends and interest) are made available annually to help with these causes. Currently the endowment is valued at approximately $1.9 million and over the years has provided thousands of dollars to the SAR.

George Washington Endowment Fund