The Mississippi Society is making this video available as part of the Sons of the American Revolution Educational Outreach Program. Please feel free to use this video for Chapter programs or share it with educators who can use it as a classroom program.

  This video actually resides on YouTube but you don't have to have a YouTube account to view it. If you plan to use it as a Chapter program or in a classroom setting, you will need a laptop, projector, and some speakers. There is a button on the lower right of the video which will take the video to full screen. Also, when you get to the end of the video, YouTube will present a screen with some suggested videos. We have no control on what they suggest and you don't have to watch any of those unless you want to.  If you want to get to the beginning of the video that you just watched, there is a "rewind" button on the bottom left that will take you back. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them through the "Contact Us" tab.  

  The Mississippi Society will be adding more videos in the future so check back often. You are encouraged to use and share this video.

Revolutionary War Flag Program

This presentation was made by Compatriot Tom Green of the Texas Society assisted by other members of the Texas Society. It is linked with permission of Compatriot Green.  It is approximately fifty-four minutes in length.