Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings


MSSSAR Convention

Business Meeting Minutes

18 March 2017

Whispering Woods Convention Center

Olive Branch, Mississippi


Meeting called to order by President Toby Winston at 9:32 A. M..

President Winston declared a quorum declaration with more than ten members present.

Invocation by Chaplain Rev. Glenn Shows.

Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag led by Michael Schenk.

Salute to the Mississippi Flag led by Lyn Herron.

Pledge to the SAR Flag led by Bill Horne.

President Winston welcomed members and guest.

President Winston requested identification of Chapters in Attendance. Secretary Charles Garrison said nine Chapters were represented, Central Mississippi, Daniel McKie, David Murphree, Desoto Patriots, Dr. Joseph Warren, Gulf Coast, Jacob Horger, Nathaniel Green (Delta) and William Gray.

All Officer’s reports were given or printed in the agenda.

All Chapter reports were given or printed in the agenda.

Mark Henry said that the January Executive Meeting Minutes need to be approved. President Winston asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the January meeting as written in the agenda. Mark Henry made motion to accept the minutes, 2nd by Michael Schenk, motion carried.

Lyn Herron said he would like to get the financial report approved. Dr. John Fulwider made motion to accept the financial report as printed, 2nd by Ben Jones, motion carried.

All Committee reports were given or printed in the agenda.

Oration Chairman Bob Cox said the Oration contest would be held this afternoon at 3 P. M..

President Winston said, that all Chapter Presidents need to appoint committee’s for the youth programs and work with the schools to get contestants interested in the different programs.

Andrew Jones reported that forty three JROTC Medals had been mailed.

Larry Hellums needs articles for the next newsletter.

Bill Lyle contacted President Winston and asked to be replaced as Flag Chairman. President Winston said he would appoint a new Chairman at a later date.

President Winston called all new Chapter Officers to come up front and be installed. Only one new Chapter President, Max Hipp President of the Daniel McKie Chapter was present and he was sworn in by President Winston.

President Winston asked the Nominating Committee for their Slate of State Officers for 2017-2018. President Winston read the list: President, Joseph Edmund Winston, 1st Vice President, Charles F. Garrison, 2nd Vice President, Dr. John F. Fulwider, Secretary, Benjamin McEwen Jr., Treasurer-Registrar, Stewart L. Herron, Genealogist, Lawrence Alan Hellums, Historian, Dr. Andrew Melvin Jones, Chancellor, George Mark Henry, Esq., Chaplain, Rev. Glenn David Shows, Sergeant-at-Arms, Emile Joseph Dennis Jr., National Trustee, Joseph Edmund Winston, Alternate Trustee, Michael Perry Schenk. After no nominations from the floor, President Winston asked for motion to accept the slate of Officers. Motion made by Michael Schenk, 2nd by Thomas Thomson, motion carried.

After no other business President Winston asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion made by Michael Schenk, 2nd by Stewart Herron, motion carried.

Recessional led by Dr. John Fulwider.

Benediction given by Chaplain Rev. Glenn Shows.

Meeting adjourned at 10:53 A. M..


Respectfully Submitted



Charles Garrison