Can I Be A Member?
Any male who is eighteen years of age or older, who is a lineal descendent of an ancestor who supported the war for American Independence is eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.

These ancestors are referred to as Revolutionary War Patriots, and include those persons who fought in the military and/or militia, who provided supplies to the American Cause, who served in political bodies supporting the Revolution who signed oaths of support or any similar acts.

If you are interested in membership, you can contact any of the state officers or an officer of your local chapter.

What Does It Cost?
National and State Fees (effective September 15, 2010)

New Member Application -------------------------------------------------------------- $120.00
Family Plan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- $60.00 each
(additional family members using same ancestor)
Supplemental Application ---------------------------------------------------------------- $60.00
(additional ancestor)
Supplemental Family Plan ---------------------------------------------------------------- $30.00
(additional family members using same ancestor)
Reinstatement ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00
Young New Member Application
Established Lineage ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $60.00
New Lineage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $90.00
Transfer to Mississippi Society ---------------------------------------------------------- $60.00


Annual Dues -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00
(National, State and Chapter total)
National Life Membership Dues ------------------------------------------------------ $900.00
(dues decrease $15.00 per year over age 40.  does not include State and Chapter dues)